Patient Testimonials

I am Dr. Sri Ram, Assistant Professor in Goa University and my wife name is Mrs. TejoVani, who was with suffering with fibroids and we do not have children also, and we were looking for a doctor online for best treatment and very fortunately we got Dr. Rooma Sinha.
What would I say about You Doctor in words, if I try to say in words may be I feel that I am getting tears, I found first time in our life a DOCTOR, who really mean in it and who really made it. When I heard about her first time on line, I was feared like to talk to her by phone, because such a great doctor can allow us to talk on phone? But I was surprised when she picked up phone and they way she asked me the information and the way she guided me on phone with a great love and compassionate, without seeing us personally , before we come to you, she made us very comfortable to visit hospital.

They way you guided on the day of surgery, when it is the time of acrucial situation, to go for a Laparoscopic Myomectomy or Robotic Hysterectomy Surgery, really it made tough to take a decision just 1 hr before going to surgery though we had choice to take on our own but as a Doctor, they way you helped me and supported and made a feel with your presence to take a decision.

One thing I would never forgot in my life, before surgery, when me and my wife, together in tears, we have seen you the same in your eyes, and we never forgot in our life, and we met 'A Human Being', above all.

And especially when we were in trouble in getting Insurance, the way you handle the case and made it approval and made us comfortable till we got Insurance, I have seen you a good humanitarian and for that we were indebted the whole life for you.

And the last, Dr. Rooma Sinha means, 'A Love, Compassionate, a Good Human Being, above all an Excellent Proficient with always a smile on face' God Bless You Doctor and hope you will have long happy life  and make us live happily.

I would specially say thank to Mr. Rama Krishna, at Insurance Desk, We wish to thank his efficient handling of the insurance forms for our recent visit to your hospital. As out-of-state travelers, we feared that the paperwork would be a nightmare, but your competent staff knew exactly what to do. In a surprisingly short time, they had processed the forms, and we were back on our vacation. I would like to thank you and your staff, especially, your assistant and P.A and the staff in International Block and the Catering and the entire staff Hospital.

Above all 'God Bless You and Your family'
Copious Love and Affection
|Sri Ram and TejoVani

Dear Dr. Rooma and the International Desk,

Happy New year!

I humbly write to sincerely thank all of you for your great service provided to me as your patient in December, 2013. I really appreciate the fast and personalized response that I received when I first made initial contact with you through emailing to the International Desk. Dr. Rooma's personal attention as expressed with your tel. call to me (in Tanzania) before we even met was indeed a warm consolation to me. While at Apollo hospital, I was far away from home, and yet I felt so safe and secure during the whole period of my treatment. Dr. Rooma, you made my disease sounds so simple largely due to discussions that we had prior the surgery. You took my fears away. I entered the operation room with a great deal of confidence placed on you largely because you had explained to me what you will do to get rid of the disease. I'm recovering very well and I look forward to go back to work on monday, 6th, January 2014. 

I pray to God that you all stay blessed, safe and caring.


Dear Madam,

It has been three months since my surgery and I would first like to thank you for all that you have done. I have never been able to express my gratitude for what you did for me.  You literally given me a new life.  I am a firm believer that God puts special people in your life for a reason. I will never forget what you mean to me and what you did for me.  You didn’t have to take my medical complications on.  You were not the one that “messed” me up.  My family and I were at a loss, I did not know how much more pain I would be able to take and who would be able to reconstruct me.

I remember the first visit on July 16, 2013, you were highly recommended and I thought to myself, how a doctor with high recommendations could take on such a nightmare!  I entered your office doors not only in severe pain, but with the mindset that you would not take me on as a patient.  For that first time in a long time, I saw “HOPE” and it was in your eyes. Because from almost last one year I was suffering from that mental trauma after listening to the negative comments.

I wanted to say thank you for being so patient with me prior to the surgery, with all my questions! I believe you said I hold a new record. I got exactly what I wanted out of this and all I wanted to do is feel “NORMAL” again. Post Surgery I look back and feel silly for being so nervous.  Your entire Team, including your PA for wonderful co-ordination, lab assistants, radiologists, pathologists, specially nurses, each and everyone made me feel so comfortable the during my stay over there and the recovery has gone very smoothly.

I am writing you this letter with tears in my eyes. Madam, there are no words to describe how grateful I am for you.  You are not just and amazing surgeon, but an amazing person as well...

Thank you for everything,
With Love,
Ms. Trisha Kumar
Mrs. Trisha Kumar, Asst. Registrar (Academics), Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Patna Campus

Hello Dr.Sinha,

I would like to express my heart felt appreciation to you for the excellent care received during my surgery. Me and my family will forever carry gratitude in our hearts for your expertise and skills.

I am writing a testimonial for you. 

"Dr Rooma Sinha performed an abdominal myomectomy on me to remove large uterine fibroid(size-12cm) under extreme circumstances.In a time when i was looking for trustworthy treatments for myself,I found
Dr. Sinha, who put all my doubts to rest and gave an assurance unlike any other. The surgery was fast, smooth and performed with great care. It's been only 15 days and no one would believe that I had undergone a surgery. She is a brilliant doctor with great skills".

Thanking You,

Warm Regards,
Aruna Kanjani

Dear Dr Rooma,

Hope you are doing great , I am sorry for the delay in sending this , been busy with the move and travel.

Would like to keep my name as confidential or changed due to privacy reasons ( google search). Hope your daughter is doing great !!

I underwent Robotic Laproscopic removal of uterus Fibroid by Dr Rooma Sinha in May 2013 @ Appolo Hyderabad.

She is among the best doctors who gave optimum personal attention and professional advice . She was patient to understand my case history and never rushed me into a surgery.

She is knowledgeable and very approachable to answer any questions  before and after surgery. She made sure I am on a regular diet asap after the surgery which helped me recover faster. I felt she empathizes with her patients and not treat them as bodies.

I have already recommended her to friends and would recommend to anyone else. We would like to again thanks Dr. Rooma for all her support and medical care.

Dear Dr. Rooma Sinha,

Thank you for the mail Its nice hearing from you. I am recovering well.

My testimonial is below.

In December 2011 I was admitted in hospital for anaemic heart failure. I had been losing large amounts of blood during my mentrual flow for about a year prior to the admission. Medical tests revealed that the bleeding was caused by uterine myoma consisting of multiple masses embedded in the wall of my uterus. The masses which were about the size of a 32 week old fetus, had grown to such an extent that it had stretched and distorted my uterus leaving very little space in my womb. The doctor in Nigeria recommended a myectomy but if my life was threatened during surgery they would perform a hysterctomy, i.e. removal of my womb, as he feared my life would be endangered during the opreration due to excessive bleeding. 

I was devastated at the thought of losing my womb as I am expecting to bear my own children.

I sought a second opinion and was referred to Apollo Health City ("AHC"). At AHC the MRI scan revealed in part "a grossly enlarged uterus, extending sueriorly into the abdomen, up to LI level, causing abdominal distension. A large, relatively well defined lesion showing heterogenous dark signals on T2, STIR images is seen filling almost the entire anterior and right lateral asopects of enlarge duterus, measuring about 107mm (AP) x 12mm (craniocaudal) x 144mm (transverse) - s/o giant fibroid". In their estimation the giant fibroid was the size of a 36 week fetus.

When Dr. Rooma Sinha discovered that I am expecting to have children she assured me that she would endeavour to preserve my womb 98%. To achieve this she would perform an open surgery of 3cm in addition to myomectomy (laparascopic) which she did.

I am grateful to God and pleased to say that the surgery was successful. I am happliy looking forward to bearing my own children soonest.

Thank you Dr. Rooma Sinha, thank you AHC.

Tamunotonye Ladapo (Nigeria)

My name is Tusa Mwakalobo, (Lady) Iam 32yrs old from Tanzania, I was diagnosed with endometriosis for the past 7/8 life as a woman /girl has been the most difficult and never new one day I will be happy due to my condition,especially on my periods days where by I experienced pain and met only with my stomach but the treatment received on monthly basis.

2010 lost hope of being treated nor becoming a mother after being told by my doctor that my problem has reached a stage that can't be treated.

2014 my hope raised back again and decided to do my own research online where by I learned about a lot of Endometriosis research and treatment and was not helpful for me, also I learned about a lot of different doctors from different place with their view I was almost give up,but in the process of giving up I was very interested with One Dr from India and her name is Madam Rooma Sinha,from Apollo Hospital Hyderbad India,i made my effort to meet her, so together with my Gynaecology in Tanzania from (Aghakhan Hospital) with the support of my Office Doctor, together they made initiative to contact Apollo Hospital and Apollo hospital they made initiative to contact Dr Rooma Sinha where by we reached to treatment procedure and that's when I made my decision to go to Apollo where by I have my trust in God and Dr Rooma Sinha 100%. and thanks to God he got me out safe out of the operation on 13th Nov 2014,Groly be to God.

I was the happiest woman when the Dr revealed the good news to me " The Operation was 100% very successful"

I never imagined that one month of my period will pass without pain or the embarrassment I went through but by God's grace, may my Almighty God bless Dr Rooma Sinha and her team at last they did it.

Now I hope to become a mother soon and all thanks to God through Dr Rooma Sinha and her team at Apollo.

My suggestion and recommendation to the people all over the world especially my fellow people from Tanzania,Nothing is Impossible in this world nor disease no problem that has no solution, their not suppose to loose hope, A help can be found anywhere, but for me I recommend Apollo As I believe it is the best place to bring back Hope and Smile.

Greetings from Tanzania


Dear Dr.Rooma Sinha,
This is Vijayalaxmi Panama who recently got operated for Fibroids (myomectomy) and am perfectly alright after the operation with back to normal life in just three days of operation. Thank you so much for giving right counseling and all the help till we are discharged from the hospital ............and  post operation visit. 
I think you made thing so simple and it boosted our confidence in every advice you shared. kudos to your patience to answer all our queries and transparency in all approaches explained for the operation. It was overall wonderful experience and Apollo should proud to have doctors like you mam. 
One last thing is your smile ....the way you interact with patients with BIG smile will also increases confidence and forgets their worries.  Keep Smiling Doctor :) :)
I would also like to thank you entire staff in International block for their great compassion and service for three days. Truly inspirational place and entire team is doing fabulous job. 
Finally would like thank you Rama Krishna (Insurance Help Desk) for his Patience and the way he manages so many people by answering millions of questions in a day. 
Vijayalaxmi Panama/Sunil Panama

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