Robotic Surgery

Dr. Rooma Sinha is currently the Fellowship Director of a postgraduate program covering minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic surgery in gynecology. This is a highly sought after multidisciplinary program. Additionally, she is an Honorary Professor Apollo Hospital (AHERF) and Assocoate Professor at Macquarie University, Sydney Australia.

What is robotic surgery?
Robotic surgery is a computerised enhanced method of doing laparoscopic surgery incorporating the use of robotic arms to maneuver surgical instruments, which are controlled by the surgeon from a console.
The surgeon is in complete control of the robotic arms at all times and thus it assists the surgeon is not an automated system.

What are the advantages of robotic surgery?
Robotic surgery has similar advantages as laparoscopic surgery, however there are some unique advantages as well:

  • Increased range of motion of surgical instruments just like a human wrist
  • Motion scaling (translation of the surgical movements into small and precise movements)
  • Tremor filtaration
  • Improved ergonomics by intuitive movements
  • Three-dimensional view of the surgical field

What gynecological procedures does Dr. Rooma Sinha do robotically?
The main aim in Dr Rooma’s surgical practice is to reduce the need for open surgery. The common surgeries done with the use of robot assistance is Myomectomy, Hysterectomy, Endometriosis, urinary fistulas, vault prolapse repair of the uterus.
All available techinues of surgeries available are safely and effectively adapted by Dr Rooma and her team as these are tools available to perform a surgery. Her surgical knowledge and expertise is individualized on a case-by-case basis as each patient case is unique.

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