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When the uterus or vagina descends from its original position it is called prolapse. IN most women this does not cause any symptoms. However some women may face difficulties like uncomfortable feeling in their vagina. Some may have difficulty with passing urine or motions. They usually have sense of incomplete evacuation of bowel or constipation. This condition may be associated with urinary problems in terms of frequency, stress incontinence or urgency. Treatment is either pessary or surgery as no medicine can cure an organ that has become loose and needs repair. When and how much to repair depends on patient's complaints and the presentation.

Surgeries offered for prolapse are anterior Colporrhaphy, posterior Colpoperineorrhaphy, vaginal hysterectomy. We nave extensive experience of managing vault prolapse ( Extrusion of vagina after a hysterectomy). This is a distressing problem and is corrected with surgery which is often done vaginally like sacrospinous fixation and colpocleisis. Abdominal scarocolpopexy is also offered.

Dr Rooma Sinha has delivered several lectures and post graduate classes on these topics.

    • Mesh reapir in prolapse surgery Kolkata 2005
    • Urogenital problems in Menopause IMS conference, Hyderabad 2007
    • Vault prolapse- prevention and repair Rajmundry APCOG 2009





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